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Unleashing the power of philosophy in business

Unleashing the power of philosophy in business

2 Mins
February 25, 2016

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What comes to mind when you hear the word "philosophy"? Bearded men in robes walking around in ancient Greece? Academics having abstract conversations that have no practical entrepreneurial use? Or profound advantage through effective strategic thinking?

This summer, at the Atlas Summit, serial entrepreneur Dr. Patrick Gentempo will make a passionate argument about the very practical use of philosophy in business and life.

In his session "Unleashing the Power of Philosophy in Business", Dr. Gentempo will share a set of unique concepts, ideas, and tools that you can begin to apply immediately: ­

  • The 5 step sequence from philosophy to prosperity. ­
  • The branches of philosophy and how to apply them practically the power of premise͛ and the importance of identifying premises in business and life.
  • His unique "Philosophy Formula" that pulls it all together.

Whether you are a business owner, C­-level executive, or an employee, understanding the practical use of philosophy in business can truly change your life.


The Summit is the Atlas Society's annual summer conference on philosophy, business, and the arts.
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Use: code FF16Atlas when you register. Using the code will enter you into a contest to win a free champagne helicopter ride over the Vegas strip. Your use of the code enables us to cover our costs of producing the Summit. Thank you!

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