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Eduardo Marty to speak on "The Intellectual Battle for Latin America"

Eduardo Marty to speak on "The Intellectual Battle for Latin America"

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February 13, 2016

We're delighted to announce that Eduardo Marty will return to speak at our Atlas Summit again this summer. Marty will speak on "The Intellectual Battle for Latin America."  

Marty is the founder and president of the Fundación para Responsabilidad Intelectual (Foundation for Intellectual Responsibility), an organization that promotes the understanding and respect for the philosophy of freedom among businessmen and intellectuals. Eduardo is perhaps best-known for his remarkable work as head of Junior Achievement in Argentina; under his aegis some half a million students learned how to build and run their own business from scratch. Marty also helped to found Junior Achievement in Chile, Paraguay, Colombia, Brazil, and Spain — and he even developed some interest in it in Cuba.

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Here is a description of the two talks Marty will deliver at the Atlas Summit in Las Vegas this summer:


For a century, Latin America has been suffering the germ of so-called populism. This germ under different names—Kirchner, Chávez, Maduro, Castro, Morales, Rousseff, etc.—has left countries with high potential in decadence and stagnation. The indices of quality of life and poverty in Latin America are clear demonstrations of the stagnation it has suffered in the last century. But the economic and political reality of these countries is the result of the collectivist/mystical philosophy and the altruistic/victimistic psychology that have been taught both in family and academic circles.

Eduardo Marty will argue that if we want to eradicate the populist germ and establish the principles of freedom for the long-term, we have to face a multi-front battle. Economic evidence of the benefits of freedom proved not to be enough to beat populism. To destroy it, we need to fight from moral and psychological grounds.


Argentina has declined from eighth place in the world for quality of life in the late nineteenth century to settle in the reserved seats for undeveloped countries. Magic? Curse? Bad luck? No. Just good or bad ideas.

The philosophy of the American founding fathers inspired a generation of Argentines during the nineteenth century. Alberdi and Sarmiento adopted the principles of the Anglo-American philosophy based in reason, individual rights and the rule of law. The twentieth century gave birth to a new generation of politicians, who, encouraged by ideological leftist movements, adopted a different path: the French-German-continental philosophy. And that choice made all the difference. In this talk, Eduardo Marty will describe the history of the two Argentinas, identify why they differed, and assess the prospects for its new President, Mauricio Macri, to reverse the recent trend.

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