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Walter Donway publishes new book

Walter Donway publishes new book

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June 17, 2015

Walter Donway has recently published Not Half Free, a collection of his articles on current issues.

Donway was a founding Trustee of The Atlas Society (TAS),

not half free walter donway

and has been a regular author and speaker for TAS. His recent book includes many articles that were originally published by the Atlas Society, as well as a preface by TAS founder David Kelley.

A third of the articles deal with the financial crisis in 2008-09 and the government response, the rest with other current issues. They are united by a common theme: the decline of economic freedom. Donway asks,

What specifically are we losing that we care about—or should care about? Those are the questions answered in these 18 essays, which range from a demonstration that government is “nationalizing the financial industry” to a close-up look at how one Long Island town exercises plenipotentiary power over property rights in the name of zoning.

Not Half Free is available on Amazon Kindle Select, $2.99.

Donway is a writer in New York City and East Hampton, New York. His other published works include novels, poetry, and essay collections, also available on Amazon. He will be speaking at the forthcoming Atlas Summit, June 18-21, on Ayn Rand's single-handed resuscitation of the great Romantic tradition by creating a new genre: the Romantic Realist novel.

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