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Wild Flowers - a play by John Enright

Wild Flowers - a play by John Enright

2 Mins
January 4, 2013

Atlas Summit 2012 -- Chicago playwright John Enright discussed his work Wild Flowers at this year's Atlas Summit, and presented a video of the play. Wild Flowers is a comedy about looking for love... and a missing birth certificate. Maggie is surprised to learn that she is not an American and may be deported to Russia. Luckily, she's got a pair of suitors willing to help her get her green card.

That's before her Mom arrives, eager to bring Maggie back to the motherland. But Maggie is determined to follow her own compass, and will settle for nothing less than the truth.

John Enright is a novelist and playwright based in Chicago. His recent theater works include Post-Mortem and Wild Flowers, both produced in 2011, and Ready or Not, produced in 2009.

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