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Playboy cites The Atlas Society

Playboy cites The Atlas Society

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July 15, 2015

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Within days of having re-published Alvin Toffler's historic interview with Ayn Rand, Playboy upped the pleasure factor with this impish take on libertarianism in general and FreedomFest in particular: "Are Libertarians Crazy Cultists Who Should Be Drowned? Playboy Investigates."

Playboy writer Joe Donatelli visits The Atlas Society table at FreedomFest and questions our own Laurie Rice (at right):

If liberals and conservatives hate libertarianism, they absolutely loathe Rand, which is why it was imperative that I stop by the table for The Atlas Society, which is a think tank that promotes Rand and her philosophy of objectivism.

“We’re the fringe of the fringe,” said Laurie Rice, a writer and researcher with The Atlas Society.

I showed her the headlines and asked Rice why she thought so many people write such scary stuff about libertarians.

“It’s scary to be responsible for your own life,” she said. “It’s scary that there is no one out there to take care of you, sometimes – that you have to make your own way and find your own path through life and create your own meaning and earn your own money. That’s not a reality that we create politically. That’s a reality that exists in nature. Our politics merely acknowledge that and try to make the best of it.”

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