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Tax Revolt Commentaries

Tax Revolt Commentaries

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March 23, 2011

The Atlas Society is a voice of reason in the struggle against metasticizing government. Read selected commentaries on theft-by-popular-vote here.

America's April 15 Civil War
To mark Tax Day 2008, Dr. Edward Hudgins spoke of the civil war created by our moral monstrosity of a tax system.

Let's Declare the Fourth of July a Tax-Free Day!
America was founded in tax revolts and "tea parties." Thus it would be appropriate if governments made July 4th a totally tax-free day. Better still, governments could systematically cut back all taxes and thus restore individual independence!

Tax Day 2007: Confronting the Candidates and Politicians
For Tax Day 2007, it's time to confront the candidates and politicians who are taking our money and our liberty.

On Tax Day, Pretend Like It’s Your Money and Get Mad
On Tax Day if Americans pretend that it's their money -- which it is! -- that the government takes and look at how much is taken, they'd see that they could live freer, independent lives if they government let them keep their money.

Tax Wars
As we rush to meet the April 15 deadline to file our tax returns, many fail to realize those 1040 forms do more than just make us all personally poorer. The tax code is a principal instrument that creates and sustains the politicized, partisan, uncivil, contentious conflict society so many bemoan.

April 15: A Day of Moral Shame
Americans should lament April 15 - tax day -- as the day that too many of us all too willingly surrender our liberty and opportunities in life. Those who understand that independent individuals do not want to be robbed of their money or freedom should advise their fellow citizens to rebel against the current immoral tax system.

Tax Codes Reflect Moral Codes
Taxation is primarily a moral issue. Taxes are supposed to pay the costs of protecting the citizens’ lives, liberties and property. But most tax funds are wealth transfers that amount government expropriation rather than protection of rights. The tax system itself immorally punishes the most productive members of society.

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