Gabriel Harrison

Gabriel Harrison


Gabriel Harrison

Gabriel Harrison is a musician and intellectual from Carmel N.Y. studying at Boston University. Gabriel's musical background is in piano (classical and jazz), composition, songwriting, orchestration, bassoon, and voice. In the intellectual realm, Gabriel is interested in many fields including economics, finance, investing, speculation, politics, law, business, philosophy, psychology, cryptocurrencies and blockchain, computers and cybersecurity, cryptography, surveillance evasion technology, geopolitics, investigation, and journalism. Gabriel hopes to continue pursuing music as a pianist, organist, composer, and pop artist. In the intellectual realm, Gabriel wants to be a writer and public intellectual and join the growing realm of intellectuals and influencers emerging from outside traditional institutions. Gabriel is passionate about music and influencing the current culture and state of human affairs to set a better trajectory for humankind. Gabriel is currently a freshman student of Objectivism at the Objectivist Academic Center at the Ayn Rand Institute.

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